Thank you for your help!

Stefanie Poisson
We would like to thank all of those who are coming together to help each other, their neighbours and the community during this wildfire. The landowners and farmers along the North Thompson River in Clearwater and Blackpool including the Lacarnya Golf Course and Kinder Morgan have set up their irrigation systems to maintain green spaces and keep the humidity up. Keeping the vast fields green, helps a great deal to prevent new fires flaring up in case sparks make it across the river.
Also a big thank you to the Clearwater, Blackpool, Barriere, Blue River, Little Fort and Merritt Volunteer Fire Departments that are working tirelessly working together patrolling Highway #5 and Dunn Lake Road. This coverage is helping to spot potential fire drops and our fire fighters can act fast. We appreciate everyone’s commitment and hard work! Thank you – you are awesome!!

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