Shoulder Grading Starting Today, June 7/ 2016

Stefanie Poisson

Borrow Enterprises in consultation with the District of Clearwater will be completing shoulder grading activities in the following neighborhoods; Weyerhaeuser, Strawberry Flats and along Park Drive. This work is intended to reduce the ponding of water along the shoulder of the paved surface in order to increase the life expectancy of the pavement. The work will include the removal of excess sand and debris build up (0.50 meter swath) along the road edge which is District of Clearwater road right of way. This work may result in the disturbance of lawns and other shoulder encroachments that are on the District right of way. We will be completing a test section along Kurylowich Road to demonstrate how this activity may impact properties within the community. This is standard operating procedure for road side maintenance.

We look to have this activity completed by the end of June. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience as we look to improve the road drainage within the community.


Damage after rainfall due to high shoulder.


Damaged road from high shoulder.

before grading

before grading

After grading

after grading

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