How will the possible Canada Post strike affect your Property Tax payment?

Stefanie Poisson

Due to the possible mail strike at Canada Post, the District of Clearwater would like to remind tax payers that it is their responsibility to ensure that payments have been received at the District office on or before July 4th to avoid penalties. Postmarks will NOT be accepted as proof of payment. MAIL LOST OR DELAYED BY THE POST OFFICE WILL BE SUBJECT TO PENALTIES. Given the potential for the strike, paying online or dropping by the District office is the best way to ensure that the District has received your payment by July 4th.

If you are eligible for the Provincial Home Owner Grant, please claim this grant by the 4th of July to avoid penalty on that portion of the taxes (your mortgage company will not apply for the grant on your behalf). The claiming of this grant is not dependent on payment of taxes. This grant can be claimed online at

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