From the Office of the Mayor, July 8 at 3.39pm

Stefanie Poisson

July 8, 2017 @ 3:39pm

From the Office of the Mayor

Mayor Harwood and Councillor Kjenstad have visited the Clearwater Reception Centre, the Little Fort Command Centre and the Blackpool Command Centre. In order to gain information on the status of the Dunn Lake fire the District of Clearwater Fire Department is currently patrolling the Dunn Lake Road to the Hallamore area.
The Clearwater Fire Department is assisting the Blackpool Fire Department along Highway 5 from Blackpool to north of Little Fort checking for spot fires.
Clearwater is in contact with the Kamloops Fire Centre and has a Fire Response Officer and Information Officer on route to the Clearwater Fire Zone Office. The Fire Centre has also deployed an Incident Management Team, two firefighting teams and heavy equipment to the two fires burning near Little Fort. The Fire Centre has also put local contractors on standby.
The Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure has been requested to give electronic advisory notices to highway situation and to direct traffic where necessary.
There has been communication with the gas suppliers to ensure they extend their hours of operation.
You are encouraged to prepare yourselves to be to leave at short notice in the event of an evacuation ORDER.

*The District urges residents to conserve water at this time.

IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND: An evacuation ALERT is a notice to get prepared to evacuate. An evacuation ORDER is to request citizens to evacuate their premises immediately.

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