District of Clearwater/Wells Gray Country (TNRD Area “A”) Partner on Strategic Priorities for Economic Development

Louise Payne


On August 18, 2015, Council and representatives from Wells Gray Country Service Committee (TNRD Area A) participated in a goal-setting exercise to narrow 15 goals outlined in the recently developed Economic Development Workplan for Clearwater and Area. The Council and Wells Gray Country Services Committee identified five (5) key goals with corresponding activities and objectives for the next three (3) years. These goals are as follows:


  1. Business retention and expansion – strengthen the existing businesses operating in the community, measured by growth among local businesses and the expansion of their local labour forces. It should also be recognized another key outcome will be the support provided to businesses that face challenges but remain in business in the community.
  2. Supporting business – to increase the effectiveness and efficiency with which the DOC is able to work with the business community. The focus will be to ensure client satisfaction and timeliness of responses to their enquiries and would be measured by personal testimonials from the business community.
  3. Marketing – ensuring that the DOC website becomes a more effective tool in communicating that Clearwater is a desirable place to live and do business, and that data on the website remains current and relevant. Success will be measured by improvements in usage metrics such as the number of people visiting the site and the length of time they are on the site.
  4. Support for business attraction and expansion – to expand the business services offered in the community with the measure highlighting how tasks are being translated to actual new business opportunities.
  5. Labour force support and succession planning – to see local business attract and retain local workers that they need for their operations with the measure being a higher satisfaction among local businesses in their success in identifying and hiring local workers.


For more information please refer to our website at www.districtofclearwater.com for a full copy of the Workplan or contact Leslie Groulx, CAO at 250-674-2257 or via email: lgroulx@docbc.ca.


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