District of Clearwater Calls for 30% Voluntary Reduction to Water Use

Louise Payne

The Province of BC has declared a Level 4 Drought Advisory and Water Conservation Request on the North Thompson Watershed. The District of Clearwater’s “water licence has been identified as being in one of the administrative precincts that lie within the North Thompson Basin”. Therefore, the District has been requested to impose a “voluntary water reduction of 30% by all water users for the remainder of the dry season.

The Council is asking that ALL water users (residence and businesses) voluntarily reduce their water consumption by 30 % in light of the critically low infeed to our water system.

As outlined in the communication from the Province the recent short periods of rain have not provided sufficient water to recharge the aquifers.

The long term forecast is for the above-average air temperature and reduced precipitation to continue into the fall, therefore this request will stay in effect until further notice.

Mayor Harwood and the Council for the District of Clearwater


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