Disposal of needles and syringes at DOC facilities

Stefanie Poisson


Residents and visitors to the Clearwater area can now safely dispose of sharps at all District of Clearwater washroom facilities.
People with medical conditions requiring self-injection (such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis or renal failure) require a safe place to discard their needles and syringes. The availability of these new disposal containers is an important way to actively encourage both residents and visitors to the community to safely dispose of their sharps.
Because of the high risk of injury to workers and other community member’s sharps should never be disposed of:

  • In household waste or recycling bins (plastic syringes are NOT recyclable)
  • In public litter bins
  • By flushing down toilets or drains or by discarding into the environment

While the risk of acquiring a serious infection as a result of an accidental injury from a discarded sharp is extremely low, the anxiety resulting from such an injury can be significant. If you find a syringe in a public place help protect your community by calling 250.674.3141.

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