COUNCIL DECISIONS – September 9, 2016

Stefanie Poisson

For background information on the following Council Decisions, please review the September 9, 2016 Regular Council Meeting Agenda (which is posted on the website the Friday afternoon prior to the Tuesday Council meeting) on the District’s website.

  • Council directed staff to install 30 km/hr signs on the existing playground signs located along Old North Thompson Highway adjacent to Dutch Lake Beach, prepare a communication notice for the District’s website and newsletter, and to contact the RCMP re: an enforcement protocol;
  • The CAO swore in the seven (7) members of the 2016/17 Junior Council at a special ceremony during the Council meeting;
  • Council directed staff to organize a Business Round Table/Pub Nite, for feedback from businesses, during “Small Business Week” in the Fall, 2016;
  • Council adopted the Campus of Care Feasibility Study, dated April 16, 2016;
  • Council adopted Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 157, 2016 – a bylaw to amend Zoning Bylaw No. 133, 2016 to rezone the subject property from “R-1: Residential Single Family and Duplex” to “R-2:  Compact Residential” for a 55+ residential development;
  • Council endorsed the Canadian Cancer Society, BC and Yukon, recommendation that the BC Government expand the scope of BC’s Tobacco and Vapour Products Control Act to prohibit use in outdoor public places province-wide, including patios, parks, playgrounds and beaches.


                                                                   Leslie Groulx, CMC

                                                                   Chief Administrative Officer

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