COUNCIL DECISIONS – November 1, 2016

Stefanie Poisson

For background information on the following Council Decisions, please review the November 1, 2016 Regular Council Meeting Agenda (which is posted on the website the Friday afternoon prior to the Tuesday Council meeting) on the District’s website.

  • Council approved up to a maximum of $1,000 Budget to host a “Small Business Week Pub Nite” on November 3, 2016 for the purposes of covering the costs of catering for the attendees, to be allocated from the 2016 Council Legislative Training, Conferences and Seminar Budget;
  • Council adopted the 2017 District of Clearwater Council & Committee of the Whole Meeting Schedule, noting that the May 16th, 2017 Regular Meeting will be held at CSS, in recognition of Local Government Awareness Week (it will be posted on the District’s website);
  • Council ratified the Mayor’s appointments for Acting Mayor, on a rotational basis, and to the Committees of the Whole, Internal Committees of the District, and External Committees, for a one-year term; and
  • Council tabled a request (RZ-16-01) to complete a full discharge of Covenant X121590, for Traub Holdings Ltd., located at 1240 Bain Road, and requested staff to provide a report outlining alternative options to the full discharge of Covenant X121590, such as a site specific amendment or a new covenant allowing current activities.


                                                                   Leslie Groulx, CMC

                                                                   Chief Administrative Officer


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