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For background information on the following Council Decisions, please review the May 2 and 16, 2017 Regular Council Meeting Agenda (which is posted on the website the Friday afternoon prior to the Tuesday Council meeting) on our website.

  • Council directed staff to submit an application to the Federal Gas Tax – Strategic Priorities fund (100 % funding) to complete the design and construction of Treatment Cell No. 1 Upgrading and Headworks as priority No. 1; and to submit a second application (as priority No. 2) to complete the design and reconfiguration of Robson Street and Murtle Road;
  • Council consented to participate in an Alternative Approval Process as the means to determine public assent for the proposed service establishment of a sub-regional service with TNRD to establish a Geo Park along the North Thompson Corridor from the southern boundary of the District of Barriere to the northern boundary of Electoral Areas A & O, once approval is obtained for the entire proposed service area;
  • Council adopted the Asset Management Policy No. 2017-03, with the Asset Management Strategy (Appendix A to Policy No. 2017-03) for implementation as of May 2, 2017;
  • Council adopted Fees and Charges Amendment Bylaw No. 162, 2017;
  • Council approved a donation of $250 to Clearwater Rotary Club for the May Day celebrations; and $500 for the purchase of frisbees for the May Day Parade and Canada Day celebrations;
  • Council directed staff to move forward with the design and production of a 2017 Business Directory, and staff to work with Wells Gray Country (TNRD Area A) to include their businesses, based on a 60% – 40% cost share;
  • Council approved a contract award for the redesign of the District’s website to FRESH INC in the amount of $13,585, plus a $250 monthly maintenance package;
  • Council approved the reconfiguration of Clearwater Village Road from the intersection of Highway No. 5 and Old North Thompson Highway to Murtle Road, to include a 3m multi-use pathway and reduce the roadway to two travelling lanes, to be completed in conjunction with the District’ 2017 annual line painting program;
  • Council requested the applicant of DP-16-02 to submit a revised and more detailed site plan and landscape plan, to be reviewed at the next Council meeting, for the Commercial development at 433 Eden Road;
  • Council approved renewing the Banking Services contract with the Royal Bank of Canada for a further three (3) year term, commencing April 1, 2017 and expiring March 31, 2020, with the rates and terms reviewed annually;
  • Council gave First and Second Readings to Official Community Plan Amendment Bylaw No. 166, 2017 and Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 167, 2017 – bylaws to amend the OCP designation for Lot B, District Lot 2619, KDYD, Plan 40549 (640E Yellowhead S. Highway No. 5 – Rotzetter) from Country Residential to Institutional and to rezone the subject land from R-1: Residential Single Family and Duplex to P-2: Institutional to develop a community care and/or complex care facility on the subject property.

Leslie Groulx, CMC
Chief Administrative Officer


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