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For background information on the following Council Decisions, please review the July 11, 2017 Regular Council Meeting Agenda (which is posted on the website the Friday afternoon prior to the Tuesday Council meeting) on the District’s website.

  • Council approved a request from “Changes That Heal” to provide propane and a tent for the free community BBQ at Dutch Lake Beach Park on September 14, 2017; and Council agreed to provide a $100 donation for the event, funds to be provided out of the 2017 Grant In Aid Fund;
  • Council approved the issuance of Development Variance Permit No. DVP-17-01 for 426 Buck Road (Lot D, District Lot 4091, KDYD, Plan 29271);
  • Council approved the installation of four (4) Commercial Site Meter Pits for RV and Mobile Home Parks, recommended in TRUE Consulting’s Leak Detection & Water Usage report dated July 10, 2017, to be used as a water management tool; funds estimated at $36,000 to be allocated from the District’s Water Reserve Fund;
  • Council directed staff to bring a report back outlining costing and steps to repair twenty-four (24) water leaks, identified in Teales’ Leak Detection Survey completed May 31, 2017, with a recommendation on how to proceed; and that all property owners of properties identified in Teales’ Leak Detection Survey be provided a letter giving them notice of a water leak detected on their property;
  • Council directed staff to provide a report to Council regarding a grant application process to complete the installation of water meters to all water connections within the District to use as a water demand management tool;
  • Council supported in principle Option B, as recommended by TRUE Consulting, for Well No. 3, including moving of the cenotaph as part of the project, after consultation with the Legion;
  • Council rescinded the award of the drilling contract for Water Supply Well No. 3 awarded to Robbins Drilling & Pumps for $78,487.50 including GST, and awarded the contract to the next lowest bidder – Columbia Water Wells (1986) Ltd., in the amount of $89,965, excluding GST; and that a contingency allowance be authorized in the amount of $10,000 for payments of extra work and/or quantities greater than estimates in the tender form as approved by TRUE Consulting;
  • Council approved the additional amount above the original budgeted amount of $3,230 up to $7,200 for the trade-in of the Bobcat (Toolcat) for 2017;
  • Council appointed Roxanne Shepherd as the new Director of Finance for the District of Clearwater, effective September 11, 2017;
  • Council directed staff to forward a resolution to the Southern Interior Local Government Association requesting them to prepare a resolution to forward to the Union of BC Municipalities Annual Convention regarding a review of the meal allowance rates by the BC Provincial Government for emergency workers.

Leslie Groulx, CMC

Chief Administrative Officer

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