COUNCIL DECISIONS – August 16, 2016

Stefanie Poisson

For background information on the following Council Decisions, please review the August 16, 2016 Regular Council Meeting Agenda (posted on the website the Friday prior to Tuesday’s Council meeting) on the District’s website.

  • Council agreed to issue Temporary Use Permit No. TUP-16-01 for 329 Clearwater-100 Mile FSR to Clusko Properties Ltd.;
  • Council agreed to issue Development Permit No. DP-16-01 for the parcel at 365 Murtle Crescent to Jim Pattison Developments/Robert Ciccozzi Architecture for the construction of a Tim Hortons Restaurant;
  • Council approved a $250 Grant in Aid request from “Changes That Heal”, along with the use of the District’s tent, barbeque, electricity at Dutch Lake Beach and insurance coverage, for the “Take Back the Night” FREE community BBQ on September 15, 2016 at Dutch Lake Beach;
  • Council directed staff to bring forward a report on the implications of reducing the traffic speed along Old North Thompson Highway adjacent to Dutch Lake Beach from 50 km/hour to 30 km/hour;
  • Council agreed that the Community Inner Bus Loop would commence one month later, on December 1, 2016 and operate to March 31, 2017, to coincide with BC Transit’s Community Loop service commencing April, 2017;
  • Council amended the District’s Investment Policy No. 1406 and directed staff to invest $1,500,000 with RBC under a non-redeemable 3-month GIC;
  • Council agreed to be a “Gold Sponsor”, in the amount of $500 from the 2016 Grant in Aid budget, to support the Simpcw First Nation/Simpcw Resource Group to raise funds for Aboriginal Youth Training and Employment Scholarships;
  • Council directed staff to bring a report to the 2017 Budget process outlining options for the establishment of a District of Clearwater Scholarship Fund for students graduating from Clearwater Secondary School;
  • Council agreed to provide liability insurance for Keiran Jones, contract gymnastics instructor, through Municipal Insurance Association – Associate Member program;
  • Council agreed to enter into Service Agreements with the Thompson- Nicola Regional District for a 3-year term (January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2019) for Building Inspection and Development/Planning services;
  • Council directed staff to continue to investigate bylaw services with the Commissionaires of BC and bring back a staff report outlining the costs of providing this service;
  • Council agreed to direct staff to distribute Phase 1 of the 2016 Citizens’ Survey to 200 randomly-selected District of Clearwater property owners and to distribute via email, Facebook and the District’s website, with a deadline for return of September 16, 2016;
  • Council agreed to request Mayor Harwood to correspond with the Prime Minister of Canada, expressing the District’s support for the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion project, highlighting that the project is both a key economic benefit to the North Thompson Valley, the Province of BC and Canada, and stress that safety of the pipeline exceeds transporting the commodity overland both by rail and transport truck.


                                                                   Leslie Groulx, CMC

                                                                   Chief Administrative Officer


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