Council attends UBCM 2016: Key Highlights Day 3

Stefanie Poisson

Per convention Clinics attended by Council covered topics as follows:

  • Cleaning up Motels, Inns and Dives
  • Collective Bargaining – the cost of safety
  • Development of proximity to rail lines
  • Growing BC’s Creative Economy
  • The Municipal Natural Assets Initiative

UBCM starts with the Convention Opening Session for the Annual General Meeting followed by keynote speaker:
Dr. Samatha Nutt – Humanitarian, Founder of War Child Canada and War Child USA, and Bestselling Author of Damned Nations – Her address was profound and very compelling.   

The Council met with Minister Wilkinson, Minister of Advanced Education covering the following topics:

  • Post-Secondary partnering and integrating programs (course) with secondary school curriculum to prepare our students for professional careers.
  • Bringing better connectivity to the community to encourage and offer technology opportunities to our students. The Tech Sector is the fastest growing economy in BC – growing at double the rate of the overall provincial economy at large.

The policy session started where well over 174 resolutions will be addressed. These resolution cover topics such as legislative, community safety, elections, transportation, taxation, finance, assessment, environment, land use, community economic development, regional districts, health and other selected issues. These resolutions are submitted by small, medium and large municipalities, as well as regional districts.

Later in the day Premier Christy Clark addressed the assembly, several provincial ministers hosted provincial cabinet panels:

  • Panel on Responsible Resource Development
  • Panel on Strong Communities
  • Panel on Strong Economy and Jobs

These were very well received.

Day was ended with presentation of 2016 Climate & Energy Action Awards

Stay tuned for day 4


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