Council attends UBCM 2016: Key Highlights Day 2

Stefanie Poisson

Day 2 of UBCM starts with a Small Talk forum – where Communities under 25,000 met together to share success stories and talk about challenges:

Topics covered were:
Success stories from the Village of Slocan; Village of Lumby, Town of Osoyoos, and Village of Clinton.

Communities  challenges covered were – Infrastructure gaps; Drinking water regulations; Grant funding; flooding; and road closures.  Further, topics on community engagement; politics in small communities; affordable housing and homelessness..

This was followed by an address to the delegation by Minister of Transportation & Infrastructure; and Minister Fassbender, Community, Sport & Cultural Development.

Next the Council met with Minister of Education covering the following topics: Connectivity for Rural Students; Academic integration with pre and post-secondary and Initiatives to Attract Teachers to Rural Schools. Minister Brenier was very impressed with the District’s Jr Council program. The Council is seeking reliable internet services which would mean:

  • high speed access for our schools, libraries and healthcare facilities;
  • Better access to provincial programs and services;
  • improved quality of life for remote communities;
  • support for local economic development.

Following attendance at various plenary sessions including:

  • BC Local Governments $200 Billion Infrastructure Challenge
  • BC’s Input to National Housing Strategy
  • Soil Movement: Contamination and Invasive Species
  • Reducing Liability Exposure for Local Governments
  • Regulatory changes affecting Agri-Tourism in BC
  • And more….

Stay tuned for day 3


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