Council Adopts New Zoning Bylaw No. 133 & Other Land-Related Bylaws

Stefanie Poisson

On June 7th, 2016 at the Regular Meeting of Council, Zoning Bylaw No. 133, 2016 (which contains fewer zones and is, generally, more permissive/ inclusive zoning) and the following land-related bylaws were adopted by Council:

  • Bylaw No. 149 contains several OCP changes that are required for consistency with zoning, on-the-ground development, and changes such as Riverside Centre’s new zone;
  • Bylaw No. 148 has provisions to limit livestock as part of a hobby farm accessory to residential use (not on ALR) as well as regulations for dangerous and aggressive dogs, including authority for impounding of animals;
  • Bylaw No. 150 moves all the provincially required floodplain regulations from the Zoning Bylaw into a separate, standalone bylaw; and
  • Bylaw No. 156 will terminate four (4) of the five (5) Land Use Contracts in Clearwater and, after a one (1) year waiting period, roll them into the new Zoning Bylaw No. 133, as set out in Provincial legislation.

Any questions regarding zoning of your property, please contact Alex Krause, Planner, TNRD:

Phone:       1-877-377-8673 (Toll Free)


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