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Mission Statement

The Community Recreation/Healthy Living Program mission is to deliver health, fitness and recreation programs, initiatives and events in order to provide increased opportunities and to encourage and promote a healthy lifestyle for people of all ages and stages of life.

Goal and Objectives

  • To strengthen and improve the wellness of our community by providing increased opportunities for citizens to be involved.
  • To build community capacity through continued collaboration with local agencies and services.
  • To develop, deliver and facilitate comprehensive health, fitness and recreation programs for citizens of all ages and stages of life by identifying the needs of our community through surveys and the utilization of the full continuum of a Community Development model.
  • To create a centralized hub of community activity through the utilization of grass fields, community ball fields, tennis and basketball courts, the skateboard park, the curling rink, the arena and the library.
  • To work with school staff and establish holistic approaches to school health to create a school that is consistently strengthening its capacity to be a healthy setting for learning and working.
  • To develop and mentor relationships with youth to provide opportunities for social-emotional learning to create a sense of school connectedness and belonging.
  • To assist school staff with the development of initiatives addressing education and awareness of current student health, wellness, social and emotional issues.
  • To build a foundation for future community recreational programs that will attract future economic ventures by developing policies and guidelines for community programming


For more information contact:                   

Eleanor Collins
Healthy Living Coordinator
cell 250-674-1878
office 250-674-2257

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